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Why Gainesville Businesses Need a Website


Do you own a business in Gainesville, FL? Ask yourself; would a website help improve my business? If you answered yes, then this article is for you. In the age of technology having a quality website is no longer an option, it is a necessity for businesses. Here are some reasons why?

Websites make your business available 24/7

The first reason your business needs a website is to allow current customers and prospective customers to see your Gainesville, FL business 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This will help showcase your business around the clock. Whether on holidays, weekends, or any time outside your regular business hours, with a website your business will still be visible and on display. With one google search, your customer will see everything your business has to offer from your wide-ranging products or service as well as your business’s values and mission.


Through Website development, you will elevate your brand by reaching more customers than you otherwise would. It will help you create and control the content your customers see as well as show how you are different and better than your competitors. Branding through your website will also allow you to provide customers with useful information that will create more interest and traffic to your business. Without a website, your branding abilities are limited to your local area.


A website provides you with the ability to make a good first impression on customers. A good website design also provides your business with legitimacy in a customer’s eyes. It also provides your business with a platform to showcase your services whether through customer testimonials or photographs of your product or service. A website also allows your business to create a good reputation within your community over time based on services and reviews.

Keep your customers up to date

Having a website will allow you to keep your customers up to date. You can inform your customers about new promotions, sales as well as any service or product your business is offering. This will increase the number of customers who buy the product or service from seasonal promotions to loyalty programs. A website will also allow you to inform your customers about any changes in your hours of operation due to a Gator football game or graduation ceremonies. A website will help provide better customer satisfaction and will create loyal customers.

Digital Marketing

Having a website will provide you with low-cost digital marketing. Digital Marketing will help improve your business and create more exposure. Whether you are a downtown According to google 93% of customer interactions started online and 83% of people find a local business through your website. With a website, your business will get main street marketing regardless of your location here in Gainesville, Fl.

Create Business Outside of Gainesville, FL

Being a Gainesville business you know we get visitors year-round, especially during football season. Website Marketing will allow you to reach and create customers before they have stepped foot in Gainesville. Having a website will allow you to get customers from across the country at a low cost and with no extra work. With a website, you will be able to get new customers on Saturday game days and year-round through our Gator sports teams.

Increase Sales

Website marketing has been proven to increase sales for local businesses. They serve as a 24/7 customizable poster board and help direct traffic and increase sales for your local business. On Average small businesses that have a website increase their sales by 25% more than those with no online footprint or any form of digital marketing.

Customer Service

Having a website provides 24/7 customer service. A website answers a wide range of questions a customer may have, from hours of operation to services provided. A website can help answer a customer’s question in a small amount of time at no cost or interruption to your business. A website also allows you to answer customer inquiries and view emails at any time of day on your own time.

Advertise employment opportunities

Local Businesses have been impacted by employee shortages since the start of the pandemic. A website will provide your business with a platform to promote employment opportunities as well as potential growth opportunities with your business.   

Next Steps

Owning a business is stressful but building your website shouldn’t be. With IkeHunter Web Development you will get a website that is purposefully built and intelligently.  Your website design will be all you dreamed of and so much more. Schedule your free consultation today. And remember, Go Gators!!!

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